Who are the Members of OCDSB SEAC?

There are certain basic requirements that every potential SEAC member must fulfill:

  • Canadian citizen
  • At least 18 years old
  • A resident in the Board’s jurisdiction
  • A public school tax supporter of the OCDSB
  • NOT employed by the OCDSB

Here are some other guidelines that help determine who is appointed by the Board to become voting members of the OCDSB SEAC

  • One representative from each local association/chapter that supports exceptional pupils and their families. The number of associations must not exceed twelve. A member is nominated by their association for appointment by the Board. Each association can also nominate an alternate to be appointed by the Board.
  • One to three “community representatives” who are NOT representatives of a local association, a Board member or a Board committee member. The OCDSB has chosen to have 3 community representatives.
  • Three Trustee representatives.

Here are some other things to keep in mind about membership on the SEAC

  • An association not currently represented on the SEAC can ask the Board for representation. If the maximum of twelve associations has already been reached, the Board will decide which twelve local associations shall be represented.
  • The OCDSB also includes non-voting representatives of
    • Council for Exceptional Children
    • Ottawa-Carleton Elementary Teachers’ Federation
    • Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation
    • Professional Student Services Personnel
    • Ottawa-Carleton Secondary School Administrators’ Network
    • Ottawa-Carleton Elementary Operations Committee
    • Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation-Educational Assistants
  • The OCDSB supports SEAC by having the Superintendent of Learning Support Services or designate, Board Services Committee Co-ordinator and relevant District staff attend meetings.

Each SEAC representative is normally appointed for a four-year term, the same term as trustees are. If a vacancy occurs, the Board will appoint a qualified person for the remainder of the term. If an association representative vacancy occurs, an additional association may be nominated to the SEAC of the OCDSB.