What is the Relationship Between the SEAC and the OCDSB?

The first thing to remember is that the SEAC is an advisory committee to the School Board, legislated by Ontario. That means that, within the parameters of that legislation, the SEAC can offer advice and make recommendations to the Board. (Please see "Purpose of SEAC" for specifics.)

Here are some of the ways that the OCDSB offers support to the SEAC in its work:

  • The Board prepares an agenda, in consultation with the SEAC Chair, for distribution, and records and distributes the minutes of each meeting in a timely fashion. This allows SEAC members to prepare for each meeting and review any necessary material.
  • The Board provides information about its activities in special education, as well as about the Ministry and Board policies, to SEAC members within a reasonable time frame.
  • The Board provides a schedule of the SEAC’s upcoming meetings

Here are some other supportive actions that Board Personnel provide to the SEAC:

  • Provide ongoing presentations to SEAC about the Board’s special education programs and services.
  • Invite District staff to attend SEAC meetings as needed.
  • Respond to requests from SEAC for information.