How Does SEAC Communicate With the Ottawa Community and how Does the Community Communicate With SEAC?

The primary functions of the OCDSB SEAC in communicating with parents and the public are several-fold:

  • To provide advice and recommendations on special education to the Board. This advice should not focus on specific cases but rather on the overarching needs. In the case of Association members, they bring their perspective and understanding of the exceptionality and the pupils affected by it. In the case of Community members, this comes from consulting widely with members of the OCDSB community and reflecting the results back to the SEAC
  • To listen to and respond to Presentations and Delegations from members of the public. The knowledge gained from these Presentations and Delegations is often reflected in advice and recommendations provided to the Board of Trustees. It is always reflected in SEAC discussions.
  • To follow up on each set of SEAC minutes by ensuring that Association membership and the broader OCDSB electorate understand what recommendations have been made to theBoard of Trustees, so that progress can be followed and further action taken when needed.

The primary methods that parents and the public can use to communicate with SEAC or SEAC members are as follows:

  • If you are a member of an Association represented on SEAC, stay in touch with your SEAC representative
  • If your Association is not currently represented on SEAC and you feel that it should be, consider writing a letter to the Director of Education/Secretary of the Board and request representation
  • Be aware of the SEAC Agenda and Minutes which are posted on the Board’s web site
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to appear at a SEAC meeting with a Delegation or a Presentation, if you believe the issue warrants this format
  • Remember that SEAC meetings are public and you can attend if you wish
  • There is a way to contact any and all SEAC members right on the OCDSB web site.

Finally, SEAC itself has its own page on the OCDSB web site. All SEAC members can encourage people to check it often, and to let us know what other information we can provide.