Appendix A: SEAC’s Responsibilities

R = Responsibility, A = Accountability
C = Consulted, I = Informed
SEAC Community Association Members SEAC Community Representatives Chair & Vice- Chair Trustee Members SEAC non-voting members Staff The Board Ministry
Represent the Mission Statement, Philosophy, vision and values of their Community Association / Agency / Organization and in the case of Community Representatives, their broader community constituency RA R N/A          
Report SEAC progress to Community Associations, Agencies, Groups and Organizations R R N/A          
Stay informed R R RA R R      
Provide informed advice to Staff and Trustees R R RA R R I I  
Provide context to SEAC representatives I I RA   I R R  
Policy development C C CI R C      
Policy Review and revisions C C C R C      
Policy Implementation C C C     RA RA R
Understand the context under which the Board delivers programs and services (*SEAC framework and context: all aspects of special education programs and services delivered by OCDSB) R R R R R      
Participate in the Process (debate, engage, decision-making) and Vote during SEAC meetings R R R R I I R  
Provide Strategic thinking RC RC RI R RC RC R  
Help SEAC advance its agenda (i.e., move forward) R R RA R R I    
Represent the horizontal community of interest R R N/A R        
Represent the vertical community of interest RA RA RA   RA      
Broadly speaking – advise parents in navigation of the system R R R R R R R  
Keep informed on the issues concerning SEAC R R RI R R R R  
Review date R R RA R R R R  
Interpret data R R R R R R R  
Seek and request information from the Board and various other sources and stakeholders R R RA R R CI CI CI
Provide some “missing components” (or balance) to SEAC R R RA R C      
Identification of Issues of common concern R R RAI R I      
Engage in, and support the Committees of the Board processes R R RAI R I      
Take into consideration the needs of all Parents and Students** I I I R I      
Take into consideration the needs of all Special Education Students in the Board R R RA R I